The Very Best Lesson Horses

Kind, forgiving, and predictable horses make the best lesson horses.  They are the type of horses on which students can learn, make mistakes safely, and improve their skills.  
Great lesson horses are at the heart of any great lesson program, and Capstone Farm is lucky enough to give lessons on horses who all fit that description.  All the horses know their jobs exceedingly well and have taught scores of riders the ins and outs of the sport.  Many participate regularly at horseshows as well.
Half Leasing Opportunities are Available.  Talk to Becca about the possibilities!
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11 Year Old Welsh Pony Gelding

12.1 hands

TobyMojo is Capstone Farm's tiny Unicorn.  He is sweet, snugly, kind, and hands down the barn favorite.  He is our leadline and walk-trot specialist, but also loves to teach riders to canter and jump.


Glynhafan Biscotti


Scotty is an 10 year old medium pony gelding who is as cute as he is goofy!

He is the first ride for many of our beginner riders, but can also go to the horse shows through the child's pony division.  

And when Scotty isn't making you laugh, he is sure to be taking a nap.

Prince William


18 year old 1/2 Welsh Large pony gelding.

Casper is a horse show veteran and is as sweet as can be.  He is fabulous pony to learn to canter and jump on!  

We are lucky to have such a special guy who can take riders from the home ring to the show ring!

Against All Odds


14 year old Appendix Paint Gelding, 15.3 hands.

Dyno is our resident cuddler, and has the best nose.  He is as sweet as he is good and has quickly become a barn favorite.  Dyno is capable of teaching all of our riders, from newest to most advanced.  He also has had a lengthy show career and looks forward to many more ribbons in his future!


Ready to Meet the Horses?

Isle of Skye


18 year old Quarter Horse gelding, 16 hands.

Skye comes to us after many years in another lesson program.  He is a great teacher with a rocking horse canter and smooth jump.

He is another one of our lesson horses who can go from the home ring to show ring!

One In A Million


Mid-teens Warmblood cross Gelding, 16.2 hands.

Milo is another unicorn that does it all, from our newest riders on the lunge to confidently jumping around courses in our home ring and at the horse shows.  He is a wonderful teacher for riders at all levels and has a huge fan club who love his snuggles.


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